Beginnings During WWII the U.S. Army mounted the largest battle it has ever fought. Against three major countries, in nearly every part of the world. Because the U.S. Army was so completely unprepared for the war, many ideas and techniques were created simply from scratch. From the idea of Parachute troops to large multi-Divisional scale […]

Today I received my new denim pants from the Levi Vintage Clothing brand. They specialize in vintage garments for every day wear. I opted for something older and tougher, something I didn’t have to wash often and could beat up. These trousers are very nicely constructed and I highly recommend them. I also pair these […]

  Today I am featuring the legendary Ranger Battalions when they were fighting long before the iconic landing in Normandy, France. This portrait of the small, elite raiding force based on British Commandos is focused on their fighting in the mountains of Italy, just after their landing at Salerno. The Landing at Salerno was a […]

The 551st Parachute Battalion has really proved to be one of the most interesting units of the war. I have been lucky enough to be in contact with one of the last men alive from this little known unit and I have been putting effort into getting their history known through uniforms and displays.   […]

    I have always noticed a very interesting and unique helmet cover during the Anzio invasion, also known as Operation Shingle. These helmet covers are nearly exclusive to the Rangers in the 6615th Ranger Force as well as the First Special Service Force. For the invasion, Darby’s Rangers came up with a day / night […]

  The invasion of North Africa, code named Operation Torch, was the first large Allied effort to retake lost ground to the German war machine that in essence had conquered Europe. The eventual goal of the operation was to clear out the northern countries like Algeria, and Tunisia of the vaunted Afrika Korps. This invasion […]

  The Doughboy: America enters the Great War  Today I decided to photograph my 1st Division AEF impression. 2016 is the 100th Anniversary of the American entrance into the Great War. This depiction is of a typical Infantryman in the 16th Infantry Regiment during the spring / summer of 1918. Many Americans are unaware at […]