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Bergmann Boots – The Carlson’s Raiders Boots

  The iconic boots of the 2nd Raider battalion during WWII was the logger type boots made by the Theodore Bergmann of the Theodore Bergmann Shoe Manufacturing Company. These boots used the slogan “The most powerful shoe in America.”. These boots were thick soled, heavy leather logging boots that did very well at stomping through […]

2nd Battalion, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment – Operation Husky, Sicily 1943

504th Parachute Infantry Regiment Sicily, July 1943 The History behind the uniform The 504th parachute Infantry Regiment is a very storied Parachute Infantry unit during the Second World War. Each Regiment at times was a very iconic and individual looking rag tag group of battle hardened men. The 2nd Battalion was no exception to this. […]

Reenacting and replica CC-2 “Impregnated” uniforms – A pursuit

Beginnings During WWII the U.S. Army mounted the largest battle it has ever fought. Against three major countries, in nearly every part of the world. Because the U.S. Army was so completely unprepared for the war, many ideas and techniques were created simply from scratch. From the idea of Parachute troops to large multi-Divisional scale […]

The Anzio helmet cover – 6615th Ranger Force

    I have always noticed a very interesting and unique helmet cover during the Anzio invasion, also known as Operation Shingle. These helmet covers are nearly exclusive to the Rangers in the 6615th Ranger Force as well as theĀ First Special Service Force. For the invasion, Darby’s Rangers came up with a day / night […]

A visit to the William C. Lee museum “Father of the Airborne”

Recently I visited the ‘Bill’ Lee museum here in North Carolina. The museum is quite small, being of his old house – purchased after his death to keep his memory alive. The museum had a ton of original artifacts that were amazing. the museum also had some serious flaws in their displays. Overall I thoroughly […]