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Original USN items

I found some original items that I was pleased to add to the collection for US Navy displays for colder weather. I would love to do some onboard ship reenacting at some point. Advertisements

Bergmann Boots – The Carlson’s Raiders Boots

  The iconic boots of the 2nd Raider battalion during WWII was the logger type boots made by the Theodore Bergmann of the Theodore Bergmann Shoe Manufacturing Company. These boots used the slogan “The most powerful shoe in America.”. These boots were thick soled, heavy leather logging boots that did very well at stomping through […]

29th Ranger Battalion – 1943

The 29th Ranger Infantry BattalionĀ  December 1942 – October 1943 The Ranger name conjures up images of cliff assaults and daring behind the lines commando action during World War Two. The Ranger lore lives on, with many stories to choose from – Darby’s 1st Ranger Battalion tragic Italian battle at Cisterna, or Mucci’s 6th Rangers […]

New material coming soon!

Have been busy lately! I have been busy lately so check back to see more new content updating.  

Levi Vintage Collection Denim

Today I received my new denim pants from the Levi Vintage Clothing brand. They specialize in vintage garments for every day wear. I opted for something older and tougher, something I didn’t have to wash often and could beat up. These trousers are very nicely constructed and I highly recommend them. I also pair these […]

4th Ranger Battalion – Santa Maria, 1943

  Today I am featuring the legendary Ranger Battalions when they were fighting long before the iconic landing in Normandy, France. This portrait of the small, elite raiding force based on British Commandos is focused on their fighting in the mountains of Italy, just after their landing at Salerno. The Landing at Salerno was a […]

551st Parachute Infantry Battalion – Operation Dragoon, 1944

The 551st Parachute Battalion has really proved to be one of the most interesting units of the war. I have been lucky enough to be in contact with one of the last men alive from this little known unit and I have been putting effort into getting their history known through uniforms and displays.   […]