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Carlsons’ Raiders – B Company, 2nd Raiders – Makin Atoll

One of the earliest forms of Special Operations Forces in the United States military was indeed that of the U.S. Marine Corps’ elite Raider Battalions. The concept of a raiding force behind enemy lines seems to be a natural choice for the US Marines, as they specialize in amphibious assaults. The pinnacle of the Raiders’ […]

2nd Battalion, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment – Operation Husky, Sicily 1943

504th Parachute Infantry Regiment Sicily, July 1943 The History behind the uniform The 504th parachute Infantry Regiment is a very storied Parachute Infantry unit during the Second World War. Each Regiment at times was a very iconic and individual looking rag tag group of battle hardened men. The 2nd Battalion was no exception to this. […]

29th Ranger Battalion – 1943

The 29th Ranger Infantry BattalionĀ  December 1942 – October 1943 The Ranger name conjures up images of cliff assaults and daring behind the lines commando action during World War Two. The Ranger lore lives on, with many stories to choose from – Darby’s 1st Ranger Battalion tragic Italian battle at Cisterna, or Mucci’s 6th Rangers […]