Original modified Tanker jacket


Original Cold Weather Combat Jacket 

The Quartermaster Corps designed and issued a cold climate uniform called the cold weather combat uniform. It comprised the cold weather combat trousers, and the combat jacket. These suits were issued primarily to armored crews but many, many units found and cherished these jackets. Many non-armored units prized these jackets such as the 504 PIR who were issued the set en masse Christmas 1943 in the mountains of Italy. The jacket is composed of a twill outer shell with tubular knit wrist, neck, and waist closures. The interior is comprised of a blanket wool lining.

This particular jacket has been modified in several ways

  • removeable epaulettes have been made and attached with 1st Lt. rank.
  • zipper has been replaced with a shorter “M41” field jacket zipper
  • buttons and loops sewn and attached to assist because of the short zipper
  • wool wristlets used as cuff knit repairs.

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  1. Alex Abercrombie · · Reply

    can i buy this please? if not do you know where i might find one just like it?


    1. Hey Alex, sorry this is now out of my collection. However I do not sell via this forum. I recommend checking online various auction sites and local antique shops & flea markets as I do! Good luck!


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