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USMC Flight Army M41 field jacket

Latest find, a relatively mint M41 field jacket, with a custom USMC aviator wings scheme with EGA. Interesting to say the least. Unfortunately had to let it go due to bills, but a cool jacket!  As many of you know, the USMC procured several large stockpiles of Army “Jacket, Field, Mens” for issue to their […]

551st Parachute Infantry Battalion – GOYA’s – Southern France, 1944

551st PIB – GOYA’s! Parachute Infantry during WWII is arguably one of the most popular sub sections of the war. From Band of Brothers in 2001, Airborne units have gained exponential fame in recent years. The most popular divisions, the 101st and 82nd usually gain most attention due to their role in the Normandy landings. […]

Original US Army Air Corps flight ensemble.

The Aviators image  One of the most challenging and casualty ridden campaigns ever fought, was the air war during WW2. This era comprised some of the most skilled pilots to take flight. To some, the image of the Air Corps is the famed A-2 flying jacket. The jacket was a very basic design, but very iconic […]

Original modified Tanker jacket

Original Cold Weather Combat Jacket  The Quartermaster Corps designed and issued a cold climate uniform called the cold weather combat uniform. It comprised the cold weather combat trousers, and the combat jacket. These suits were issued primarily to armored crews but many, many units found and cherished these jackets. Many non-armored units prized these jackets […]