United States Army – 1941

United States Army – 1941


Today I am displaying the typical uniforms worn by the United States Army in the pre-war time frame. Many of the equipment pieces seen here are in the early “spec” styles, later changed for the war effort to reduce manufacturing costs and time.This infantry equipment was still worn in the WW1 method of the “long roll”. The iconic M1917a1 “Kelly” helmet is worn typical of early engagements before the prolific M1 helmet became wide issue. Early items such as Leggings with brass fittings and WW1 era cloth bayonet sheaths for the M1905 bayonet are still common. The M1VA1 gas mask and bag are still common during the early days of the conflict.


The M1910 / M1928 Haversack (Long roll configuration – Marching pack)

The “tail” of the pack is attached to carry the bedroll on the bottom of the haversack. It can be released by one hand, via the leather pull tab. This piece of equipment was usually left in the rear areas, and a “horseshoe” or “hobo” roll was usually worn instead.


The M1937 Uniform is seen here, this uniform is used throughout the entire conflict, although the soldiers prefer the M1942 with the pressed open collar, for field duty.


Field Jacket, Mens (“M1938 “Parsons”)

The early field jacket, no shoulder loops, and slash pocket flaps. This version jacket is a slighly different cut and material than the later “M41” final Spec version of the Field Jacket.


The fatigue uniform (HBT 1st Pattern)

The Army developed a work uniform to wear on detail, and to protect the wool service uniform. Many men grew to love the HBT’s ease of wear and breathability in all theaters. This is the first Specification model (Spec 45) commonly called “1st Pattern”. Before this, men of the army were wearing the Army’s Denim fatigue uniform. The Army, however, found the Denim uniforms to be impractical before coming up with the Herring Bone Twill uniform fabric “HBT” for their fatigue garments.

DSC_2048 DSC_2053



  1. Possum · · Reply

    Great impressions! Love the website. I look forward to seeing more. Keep up the good work!


    1. Thank you ! Loads more, just slow on uploads sometime


  2. France1944 · · Reply

    This is an original M1917A1 Helmet ?

    Your stuff is Beautiful .


    1. Yes! M1917A1. Thank you!


  3. Lost Jaguar · · Reply

    My late father was drafted in March of 1941 and served in the 103rd Infantry Regt. until going to OCS in the summer of 1942 (he eventually served with the 17th Inf., 7th Div., in four Pacific campaigns as a rifle platoon leader). My research into his days as a buck private and corporal before going to the “Benning School for Boys” indicates that your impression is quite accurate. There is not enough info out there about the Army in those pre-Pearl Harbor days, so keep up the good work. Perhaps you could do an impression of a horse cavalryman in the Louisiana and Carolina maneuvers in the fall of 1941. Dad was the leader of a light machine gun squad in both of those maneuvers, and told me once about being covered by the dust of a passing horse cavalry squadron. He once said, “When you’re planning a parade, never put the infantry behind the cavalry,” and he was concerned about “road apples” as much as dust when he made that joke.


    1. Very cool! I am really backed up at work and need to get on more postings! Thanks for the insight, I try to recreate as much as I can. Personal stories and interests are always cool!


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