Original M1942 Paratrooper uniform, Worn on D-Day.



Among the rarest artifacts of the Airborne during WWII was without a doubt, the M1942 Jumpsuit. Cherished among troopers as the distinctive garment marking their elite status the jumpsuit was sometimes held onto by troopers even after it had been officially replaced by the M1943 uniform. More specifically, the “reinforced” version of this uniform used in the Invasion of Normandy is even rarer. Reinforced uniforms most generally mean suits reinforced with creosote treated canvas to weak spots (elbows, knees, pockets). Most of the uniforms were treated with an anti-gas treatment called CC-2. This gas proofing made the uniform smelly, stiff and discolored. For this reason, many of the suits were destroyed via burning them at the end of the campaign, since then only a few have survived.




Some out of place accessories ring this incredible uniform. Non-period tape, grenades, metal clicker are just but a few of the post war additions to the display. On the uniform seems to be a period piece. Notice the completely faded american flag sewn on the shoulder. 


Hand sewn 82nd patch



The Trousers 






wCommonly torn ankle hole (even in pre-jump photos and reels)





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