2019 is the 75th anniversary of this battle. Here is a depiction of the uniforms worn during the battle

I will be adding posts on some Great War impressions and items I have been gathering. There is always new information out there to find. Some members of my reenacting group and I have found some original images at the National Archives and Records Administration II located in Maryland. Posts incoming. For now, enjoy this […]

Back at it !

  Carbine, Caliber .30, M1A1 The iconic Paratrooper specific weapon of World War II was undoubtedly the M1A1 Carbine. The side folding stock was easier to jump with, allowing it be folded and worn in a belt mounted scabbard. Most if not all reproductions of this famous stock are the late/ post war ‘low wood’ […]

I found some original items that I was pleased to add to the collection for US Navy displays for colder weather. I would love to do some onboard ship reenacting at some point.

  The iconic boots of the 2nd Raider battalion during WWII was the logger type boots made by the Theodore Bergmann of the Theodore Bergmann Shoe Manufacturing Company. These boots used the slogan “The most powerful shoe in America.”. These boots were thick soled, heavy leather logging boots that did very well at stomping through […]

One of the earliest forms of Special Operations Forces in the United States military was indeed that of the U.S. Marine Corps’ elite Raider Battalions. The concept of a raiding force behind enemy lines seems to be a natural choice for the US Marines, as they specialize in amphibious assaults. The pinnacle of the Raiders’ […]